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Mark and Janet

Our dog, Shamrock has separation anxiety so we were thrilled to find a great place like Camp K9! She's happy; she gets to socialize; and she comes home tired! And best of all, we can relax knowing that she's having fun. 

Denise Merrill

In the morning I ask Gracie if she wants to go to Linda's Daycare, she runs and gets her leash and sits quietly by the garage door. She love's Camp K-9. At night she comes home and falls on the carpet, exhausted from playing with her friends.

Bill and Molly

Taz originally started going to Camp due to severe separation anxiety. When left alone Taz would become very destructive. We were completely against medication. We had tried oils and things you plug in the wall, cds for dogs we even tried obedience classes, which helped a little, but when we heard about Camp K-9 we knew that this was just what he needed! Taz has been attending camp for 1 year now and comes home completely worked over! We can now leave him alone in the evenings and not have to worry about what we will come home to!

Gina Covey

I want to tell you how much your camp means to me and my “kids”. We have six dogs and all of them are special in several ways. All of our dogs are ones we think others wouldn’t adopt. Anyway we love our misfit group, but I never took a vacation because I trust no one to care for them. If they couldn’t go with me I didn’t go. When I did leave them with the vet for a weekend I was miserable because I knew they were miserable in a cage. Then last spring at Pet Refuge’s auction I purchased a week at Camp K-9. It was the best thing I’ve ever invested in.

Our big puppy Sawyer can’t wait to go to day